Samsung Galaxy S10 gets a new artificial intelligence chip

Artificial intelligence is one of the points that manufacturers spend a lot of time on. Apple and Huawei are ahead of Samsung in terms of technology, but they are working hard to catch up.

Artificial intelligence

Now chipsets were already very important because they are the ‘heart’ of the smartphone and ensure that everything works together. Due to the ever-faster developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), more and more of these chipsets are being asked. Huawei is currently at the forefront in this area. With the Kirin 970 they built artificial intelligence for the first time on the chipset and that they have doubled again with the Kirin 980. Apple has also taken big steps with its A12 Bionic chipset. Samsung is currently hurling a little bit behind it, artificial intelligence is not high on the agenda. At least that is how it looks from the outside, but behind the scenes the developments continue.

A LinkedIn profile of a former employee of Samsung shows that behind the scenes hard work is being done on the development of a new NPU (Neural Processing Unit). The profile describes that this ex-employee was responsible for programming and designing the second generation of NPUs. He left in March 2018 and in all probability his ex-colleagues are finishing work. It is plausible that this new NPU will be stopped in the upcoming Exynos 9820. This chipset has been leaked several times and we can assume that it will be available in the coming flagship of Samsung.


When Samsung does not break with tradition, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched in the first quarter of 2019. Of course there are enough rumors about this device. For example, it would have the same gradient colors as the Huawei devices and will use the Qualcomm in-screen fingerprint scanner. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will become an important device for the South Koreans. The market share is declining and it is no longer as easy as in recent years.


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