Google pulls plug from social network Google+, datalek co-responsible

We had already seen it coming a bit, despite the start of a beta program and other improvements, but the high word is now: the end of Google+ for the consumer is in sight. A large data breach is partly responsible for this.

What is Google+

Google+ is the Social Network of Google itself. Google+ can be included in the list of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Google+ is also called Google Plus or G + for short.¬†Google has previously tried to launch a Social platform, but this has never been successful. This will not let Google happen again. That is why you will increasingly be “forced” to create a Google+ profile if you want to (continue to) make use of services from Google. Google+ is not so well known in the Netherlands, but the expectation is that this will only increase. This is because having a Google+ page can bring you benefits in search results.


In addition, Google found a bug in the Google+ API in March of this year but was not reported to the authorities. This bug may have enabled third-party apps between 2015 and 2018 to access user data that were not shared with these apps. A thorough analysis revealed that some 500,000 Google + accounts might have been affected by this bug and that some 438 apps may have used this API. Fortunately, no evidence of abuse of data from these Google+ users has been found.

There are many third party apps that use services from the Google ecosystem. Google welcomes this as it improves the user experience but there are also dangers in this access. This mainly concerns the protection of sensitive data. App developers must therefore comply with a set of rules so that the data does not fall into the wrong hands. At the end of last year, Google already took a number of measures to make apps more future-proof.

Google+ fits better with companies

All in all, the above-mentioned datalek along with the failure of Google+ as a social network that Google has decided to pull the plug. At least for consumers. They will receive more information in the coming months about how to download and migrate their data. To take the whole process of final termination ten months.

Google also found out that Google+ would be more suitable for companies. Google+ could then function as a secure internal network where colleagues can work together. The company has therefore decided to focus on this and to further develop this concept.


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