Google Play Codes, What do you need to know?

With a Google Play prepaid card, you can raise the balance of your Google Play account. Also known as Google play credit. Google Play cards can be purchased in several (online) stores and can be generated online for free. Fill in the Google play codes and upgrade your account with different values from $15 to $100.

What can you buy with Google Play credit?

After upgrading your Google Play balance, you can use the credit to purchase games, apps, ebooks, music, movies, and more from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies provide their users with the larger Hollywood movies and movies from some smaller productions can be purchased in the Google play store. But It is also possible to rent the movie. You can watch the movie on your television, smartphone and tablet.


Google Play Games

Google Play Games can be downloaded in the GP-Play store. There are a lot of games for free. But most of the time you will be charged for really good games. Gift Cards for the play store made it possible to upgrade your account credit. With Google Play credit it is possible to download these games.


Google play codes for freeGoogle Play Apps

Here you will find all the current applications of this moment. You should think of apps like Netflix, WhatsApp, and Spotify, but also some more unknown apps. There are now over a million apps in the Store that are available for Android devices. Beside free apps, there are also paid apps. Paid apps can be bought with the credit of your account.

Google Play Music

The Google Play Store Music Department allows you to download singles and full albums. After purchasing a song or album, it is your property and you can play it as often as you wish. Prices range from $ 0.99 to $12, -. Download the music from the Play store with your account credit.


Google Play eBooks

Would you like to read? In the Play Store you will find a wide variety of books. In English and other languages. Whether you are looking for an exciting love story or just a good book full of humor, the Google store has a wide range, complemented by fun and interesting magazines.


How to get Google Play codes?

There are several ways to get a Google Play code. You can buy it online, buy it in a store (supermarkets) or GET IT FOR FREE. Free Google Play codes can be downloaded from this site.

How to get Free Google Play Codes

It is really simple to get it. Why should you buy one in stores? Never buy it in stores, because you can get it for free!

Redeem the Google Play Store Gift Card

You can simply redeem your Google Play Gift Card at:

You can also redeem your Gift Card on your smartphone or tablet. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and then click the lines on the top left
  2. Then click on “Exchange”
  3. Enter the code
  4. The credit has now been added to your account. You can now download music, videos, apps, movies and programs.

What could be better?

The Play Store is an extensive app with a lot of content. You might think that Google is the world’s largest search engine, so they will organize them well, but nothing is less true. It’s quite difficult to find new and unique content in the Play Store. The top lists do not always work well and often show the same apps, beside of that the search function can be better. Actually, the Play Store is a “mess” when it comes to discovering that little gem in apps or games. Hopefully, Google will update this in the future.

When you want to discover the newest and best apps. Stay tuned and read all our blogs. Discover great Google Play Apps.

Google Play Codes, What do you need to know?
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