Google launches third generation Chromecast

After almost three years of enjoying the second generation Chromecast, his successor has finally been revealed. The Chromecast 3 has a changed design and is a lot faster.



The first thing you notice is the updated look of the Chromecast.┬áPreviously, the Chromecast was shiny black with the Chrome logo in the middle, which has now changed to matt black and a ‘G logo’ that can also be found on Google Pixel phones.As a result, the design is now more in line with the Google Pixel 3.

The only improvement over the predecessor is a 15% increase in speed and the new Chromecast also supports 1080p images at 60fps which should provide more images that are more in line with reality.



A number of things have remained the same. So the resolution is still 1080p, but those who have a 4K screen at their disposal, can of course also buy the Chromecast Ultra that supports it.


Furthermore, he still has a micro-usb connection, which is actually a separate choice, since modern devices are expected to have a USB Type-C input. In addition, the magnetic connection to the HDMI plug is no longer present.

Buy Chromecast

Something that has remained the same, but is positive, is the price. The Chromecast 3 will be sold at the same price as its predecessor, namely 39 dollar. It can now be purchased through the Google Store.

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