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Now that everyone has a smartphone, apps are everywhere and they are indispensable. To help guide you through the jungle that is the Google Play Store we have created a little list for you, to help you with your choice. If you want to get free gift cards for certain apps, click on the various links. This may come as a shock, but we don’t want this to leak! That’s why we need you to complete a verification process when claiming the codes, to check that you are in fact not a bot! Once you have completed the verification, you download will begin. Are you more of a gamer? Then you will definitely approve of our collection below! With massively popular games like Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go, You can actually play together, go outside to catch virtual creatures and connect with people all over the world! You can take pictures of your activities and post them on Instagram! Do you like to be inside? No problem! We’ve got the perfect movie streaming app and the best music app right here for you. Find out more about all the movies and games below.



This perfect application is a lifesaver! It allows you to watch all the movies you can think of, the best series and the nicest documentaries. The subtitles are available for almost every language, and sometimes you can even watch the movie in a totally different one. Discover all of the new tv-shows, who update their series weekly with new episodes. Watch all of the ‘Netflix Originals’ series non-stop, because they are almost always uploaded per season! The application will give you suggestions based on the movies and series you watched and allows you to add them to your list so you can watch them later.
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Clash of Clans

This game might be one of the best mobile games ever made! With over 39 million downloads and counting, and a loyal fanbase of at least 20 million daily players, this game is arguably the biggest game in the app store. And what’s so special about this game, is that it was released somewhere like 5 years ago! It still is immensely popular to this day, and the fanbase just keeps on growing and growing. The goal of the game is to create your own town by paying for upgrades with coin and elixir, the currencies of the game. As you level up, you get stronger troops and defenses. You are able to defend your base and attack another player to steal their resources which you then use to upgrade your own base! Steal, kill, loot and get glory in this magnificent mobile game!


The best music streaming app could not be missing from this list, obviously! Let me introduce you to the most user-friendly application in the google play store, Spotify! Create your own playlists, which you can then download and listen to whenever you want. These offline playlists can also be used as a radio station, where Spotify will search for songs that are similar to the ones that you have already listened to. This way, you will keep discovering new music as you go, and that’s what it is all about!
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Are you an amateur photographer or do you just really enjoy making pictures? Then this is probably the best app you will ever encounter in your life! Take pictures with the app, or import photos from your camera roll. Add filters or further play with the white balance, contrast etc. And the best part is, that besides a photo app, it’s also a social media platform! You can add other users, and like their pictures or send them direct messages. If you like photography, this is the application for you!

Pokémon Go

The newest version of the all time favorite game ever! Pokemon comes to the smartphone, and how? As a location based Pokemon where you actually have to walk around to catch Pokemon! Organise nightly expeditions with your friends to catch rare Pokemon, battle against other teams to take control of the gyms, and defend them in turn. Earn points, poke balls, and potions when passing by landmarks in your own city, and become the best there is!


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Free Google Play Codes For The Best Apps & Games
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