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Best Paid Android Apps That You Can Get For Free

Free-GooglePlayCredit, released their top 3 best android games for 2017. These games cost you money if you want to download them. But don’t worry. On this platform, you can get free Google Play codes. With these codes, you can get Google Play money that you can use to pay these apps.


3. Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

GTA is now available on the mobile Android phone. Do you remember GTA? One of the most popular games ever for the PC, PS2, PS3, PS4 and the Xbox. Is now available on all android phones. The game was praised for its wide open world and the exciting story. The most popular GTA game was San Andreas. San Andreas Stories is now ported to Android and features numerous graphical improvements.  You can even play it with a controller, when you connect it with your device.

This is a paid game and will cost you, 5 dollars. But with free Google play Credit, you will be able to download this game for free. Move to the Google Play Generator, and generate you money.


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2. Rayman  Classic

Another classic from the stone age. Ubisoft has the original Rayman made available for Android. That amazing right!? It is an almost direct translation of the original platformer, though you control the game now with the virtual buttons on the screen. The game also supports gamepads.


The goal in Rayman Classic is the same: run and turn your way through the levels, and make occasional use of the superpowers of Rayman. Rayman Classic is pretty tough, so make sure you pay attention and makes few mistakes. This game is also a paid game. Remember, Google play codes are available in the GP-Play Generator.



1. Minecraft

Minecraft is a so-called sandbox game where the aim is to build objects with large pixel blocks. You can choose what you want to build in Minecraft. So you can start making buildings, computers or other structures. Also, as the name of the game implies, go into the mines in order to mine valuable minerals.

There are 36 different types of blocks that you can build. It is also possible to play against your friends over WiFi. Do you want to get the PC game for free? Or do you want other features for free like mods? Go to this Minecraft Generating service. Do you want this game for free for Android devices, in this case, you have to go to the free Google Play Money Generator.


Free Google Play Codes

All the games that are mentioned above, are paid versions of games. This will cost you money. But on this website, there is a possibility to get Free Google Play Money For free. Generate a GP Gift Card, within minutes. Get your Google play codes without being charged. Good Luck!

Best Paid Android Apps That You Can Get For Free
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